caribu horse rugs

Choosing the Right Type of Blanket for Your Horse

No matter how sturdy they may look, horses need some protection too especially from extreme temperatures. There are plenty of horse blanket types to choose from with each having different uses and features.

For example, there are horse rugs that are designed to keep your horse warm during winter months while another horse sheet is breathable enough to provide protection while keeping it cool during summer season. With so many types out there, it might get confusing which one to choose. Here is a simple guide to help you out in picking the right kind of blanket for your horse.

Turn-Out Rug

Turn out rugs provide warmth and protection to the horse but is also breathable at the same time to avoid overheating. It has a waterproof outer lining to keep the horse dry and comfortable. Most turn out rugs reach high up the horse’s neck for maximum protection.

caribu horse rugs
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It also has pleats on the shoulder part, giving the horse more versatility and ease in movement. Turn out rugs are made from durable fabric made to withstand regular wear and tear outdoors. Invest only on high quality Caribu horse rugs to be assured of long lasting usability and durability that is worth your investment.

Stable Blanket

As the name suggests, stable blankets are worn over a horse when it is kept in the stall or a stable. You can choose from an insulated type to keep the horse warm during cold weather conditions and lightweight just to protect the horse’s coat and keeping it cool during warm weather. Unlike turnout rugs, stable blankets are lighter because it is not that exposed to damaging factors outside.


Coolers or anti-sweat sheets are designed to absorb the horse’s sweat and wick it away from its skin for fast drying. It helps keep the horse comfortable by keeping it dry. Basically, it is made from a breathable material that wicks moisture away. However, you can choose from different thickness, depending on when it is going to be used. Aside from drawing out sweat away from the skin, it also prevents the horse from feeling cold when the winds blow.

Therapeutic Blankets

Therapeutic blankets are the most expensive ones when it comes to horse protective equipment. It doesn’t just keep your horse warm or cool but rather heal or relax them with the use of technology added in its structure. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully for best results and to keep your horse safe while wearing it.

Fly Sheets

The main purpose of this is to protect the horse from insects that may bite them. It looks like a cooler, only that it is made from a fine, mesh-like material to keep insects off. If your horse is wearing a fly sheet outdoors, you can opt for ones with additional UV protection to protect it coat.

Keep your horse protected and comfortable by choosing the right horse blanket that suits its needs perfectly.