The Dangers of Overdrinking Coconut Water

The Coconut fruit has been known to be very useful in many ways especially when it comes to health and beauty. The oil can be used to make ones skin look and feel attractive and it can also be consumed for it is good for your body too.

Is coconut water good for you or not? This is a question that is in the minds of many people nowadays especially those who are so much into healthy living. This fruit that is found mainly along the shores is endowed with some very good properties that it is referred to an as a superfood. Even though it comes with a number of health benefits, it is not good for everyone and especially for those people who might be suffering from kidney problems. This is due to the fact that it contains about four times the amount of potassium as that found in bananas, excessive consumption of potassium is a health nightmare. Other than that, all other people should try consuming the water moderately to avoid over-consumption of components of the coconut water which can be harmful in large quantities. Some of the consumption habits that might cause problems for your health:




Sugar consumption

Consumption of sugar is not advisable especially when it is processed sugar, as for natural sugar you can consume it moderately for the purposes of getting some extra energy. Coconut water contains about sixteen grams of sugar and if you consume more and more coconut water on a daily basis, you risk the chance of increasing your body and blood sugar which causes obesity among other sugar-related illnesses which are very serious. When consumed in moderation it is very healthy and it is even better than most sweet beverages that most people are so fond of.
Is Coconut Water Good For You?

Yes, it is good especially when you are doing any strenuous exercise or activities. You tend to lose sodium in the sweating process and it is wise that you compensate for the lost sodium in your diet. This applies mainly to athletes and it is vital that they keep up their sodium intake. Most sports drinks have the exact wanted content of sodium whereas a cup of coconut water can contain double the required amount of leading to an excessive consumption of sodium which is not healthy.
Calories Build Up

There are different brands of coconut water and they include plain and flavored waters, the calorie content of the flavored water is way more than that of the plain water some even have more than five times the number of calories that you can find in one cup of plain coconut water. Even for a person who is working out a lot, the building up of calories is not a good thing since you will be burning them slower than you consume them meaning you will not see any improvement as a result of your exercises.

Is coconut water good for you?  Yes, it is, provided that you consume it in moderation and that you do not take the flavored kind. The taste of coconut water is not that pleasant to some people and that has led to the introduction of flavored water. These flavored waters contain processed sugars you should not be drinking and they also minimize the benefits that should be otherwise enjoyed.


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